Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant are back!

Do you remember the struggling family with red-haired teenage daughters in The Sims 2? 

“On the surface, Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant seem to have the perfect life, but is their love a flimsy façade? And can Angela and Lilith make the right choices when it comes to love?”

My how times changed! At Sunlit Tides we go back in time to see them before the busy jobs and the kids, enjoying their honeymoon! Daniel and Mary-Sue couldn’t be more happy! After a whirlwind wedding they’ve come to the island to rest, relax and enjoy their time together!

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    I love this family! Definitely going to play them once this world is released :0)
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    Yeah, I was thinking “meh! I can wait, don’t really want yet another summery town that will look weird with snow on the...