The Queen of Hearts / The Knave of Hearts / The Hatter

Finally, their “original” forms!

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I don’t think I could make Kevin Beare’s family and not give him a hella embarrassing dad? impossible.

Wow they’re so cute!

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Sims will no longer receive a wish to “Skinny Dip” with Mummies

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Here it is. whattheskell 

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I downloaded Riverside to check out this Dina Ross character, a Romance sim and an Aries.

In love with a dude named Don Baxter? Who’s married with a kid? :/

For anyone who doesn’t know this is based on THIS trailer. Before you accuse the creator of rehashing ideas. There was even another video where they showed off the jealousy system that was a developer walk though or something. Ill try and find that one too.

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Slaved to all the beds from all the EPs. 

Check out all the info at my Dreamwidth.

Wow these are really great!

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First of all, a big thank you to everyone for wishing me well. You guys are amazing and incredibly sweet. I don’t even know what to say… ;-;

Second, I know I should be resting, but my mind refuses to relax and gets too impatient, so I finished up one of the door arches—I also want to do a wide single door version. You can download and test this one now if you’d like. Just .package for the time being. I’ll upload the sims3pack , when I do a proper download post. Same goes for the Roundpole Fence, which I forgot to post publicly.

Third, I want McDonald’s. 

Fourth, thank you again :)  *hugs*

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